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GIESS is an online bag store based in The Netherlands. All handcrafted leather bags are designed and made by Giese Janssen, founder of GIESS. She successfully graduated the Creative Craftsmanship course at SintLucas in 2017 where she developed her skills of creating her favorite product: the handbag!


GIESS bags can be characterized by its elegant and timeless appeal. The collection consists of the Favor and Mini Favor made of small stocks of leather coming from the fashion industry as residual waste. This results in a limited number of each Favor or Mini Favor, so a real 'one of a kind'. In this way, we try to counteract the overproduction of the fashion industry, and make the environment a little bit better!


Every GIESS bag is closely monitored to uphold its strong values of craftsmanship, quality and authenticity.

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